Health Tips

In today’s lockdown,you stay at home and continue your work.

So we have to sit in one place for a few hours.

so our body does not move at all so we have a lot of trouble.

Today we will see what we can do about it.You in your diet use more leafy vegetables,fruits and vegetables.

A healthy diet is essential for good health.

Eat a good diet regularly for proper growth of the body.From it you will get the right life essence.

There is no substitute for exercise

Your life has become a you can’ t pay attention to yourself.It causes you many ailments.

But in your daily life you should exercise for a least 30 minutes.

You can’t get rid of it.Problems that arise every day will not come again.You will feel very fresh,you will not feel tried or annoyed all day long.

There is no substitute for exercise and there is no shortcut to it.Many people are always talking about not getting enough time for exercise.

There are some workouts like this,even if you do it for 10- 15 minutes every day,it has many benefits.It helps in proper growth of the body.

Stomach Pain

Also you alawys have stomach problems all the time.

There are many reasons for indigestion,fast food,oily and spicy foods,for which regular abdominal exercises are required.

Exercising the abdomen helps in maintaining good health of the abdominal muscles as well as the liver.Exercising in the abdomen takes a deep breath.

Which is beneficial for lungs.It is necessary to do Yoga for respiratory disorders.It is very beneficial.

It helps in maintaining the level of the oxygen in the blood.

In addition,it keeps the blood pressure and heart beats in check.

Listen to a Song

Everyone loves listening to music.Music is a therapy.

Which has a good effect on everyone Listing to music refresh your mood.Always listen to music while working out so it reduces stress on the body.

You don’t know that music is a healing agent.Listening to any music gives you different energy.You stay fresh.

Music keeps your mood fresh

Even if you listen to a song of your choice.

you feel very fresh and happy and all the stress on the body is reduced.

But you need to listen to the right songs to freshen your mood.

Always listening to music has a positive effect on the brain and mind.

Working to keep the heart in order

Listening to music keeps your heart beats under control. There is no stress.It cures many respiratory ailments.

Working to keep blood pressure under control

Working to keep blood pressure under control
People who suffer from high blood pressure.

If they liasten to music every morning and evening, they will be in control.

Benefucial for the brain

Increases memory power

We read some things every day but not all of them are in our memory.

You will remember what you saw in front of your eyes and a better song than a book.

some scientists have proven that listening to songs enhances memory.

Listening to some soft songs while sleeping makes you sleeping makes you sleep peacefully. The mind also stays calm.

Thank You…..

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