Hello guys,what’s up? I hope everything is going to well…. Today we are going to benefits of Mango and Mango leves……!

Mango is the king of the friuts.In the season of mango,we eat mango very much.Mango has many benefits.It is very good for health.In it we eat mango shake,Panhe ,Amachur,Chtuney.


  Mango is vary beneficial for health. It contains Vitamin A,Iron,Copper,Pottasium.Mango gives us energy.The body stays active.Does not feel tried.In summer season eating mango is very good.Instead of eating mango,eat mango shake and pahne.Mango is rich in vitamin C. It boosts the body’s  immune system.It also contains fibre.It also helps to keep your fresh face.
Boots your immune system.

Eating mango keeps

  In mango energy,cells,tissues,nerves and muscles strong in body.It also keeps the body clean inside.It boots the immune system.Also,if you eat noramal is Healtheir than butter and almonds.

Prevantion office cancer

Mango contains vitamin.fibre,antioxdanits,minrals.Mango Also contains carotenes.Eating mango protects against  cancer of the intestines,breasts,and prostate gland.

The eye stays good

Mango contains vitamin A and Alfa carotenes,which are good for health.
Blood pressure ahe remains normal

Fresh mangoes provides potassium.Potassium keeps the body healthy.It also keeps the heart rate and blood pressure in check.

We have seen many benefits from mango but mango leaves have many uses.In our daily life…
Mango leaves have many medicinal properties.Mango leaves have many benefits.It has many comprehensive properties
.When these leaves are boiled,the colour of the leaves is raddiesh and purple.In a few days it changes to green.The leaves contain vitamins A,B,C.It also has antioxidant properties.

Helps to lower blood pressure levels

Mango leaves help in lowering blood pressure and keeps it under also keeps the blood vessels strong.keeps stomach clean
Put some mango leaves in lukewarm water and keep it soaked overnight. The next day, mix the water with the leaves and drink it. It helps to clear the stomach.
After that, Manago leaves are also useful on Dibetes. It helps in controlling. They are very beneficial.

The most important uses of mango leaves are for bile and kidney stones. Very useful for this. Drinking leaf powder in water every morning reduces it.
Just as mangoes have advantages, they also have disadvantages.

A mango has 150 calories. So eating more mangoes can lead to weight gain. Eating mangoes after meals increases a lot of calories. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat breakfast in the morning, afternoon and evening. Therefore, calories remain under control. Eating more mangoes increases body heat. Do not eat more than 2 mangoes in a day.


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