Prevention of disease

Hello guys,what’s up? I hope everything is going to well.Today we are going to disease how to take prevention from disease.


Another great source of selenium nuts makes a handy snake that you can take the anywhere they are also go well in salads or steel fries Brazil nuts and hazelnuts are all particularly highely in selenium which helps the thyroid functions properly.


Some of the best natural sources of the iodine this helps prevent deficies which distrub Thyroid function and should appear in your weekly

Hypothyroidism diet help Nuri and does are the best choices look for dried varities of these health food stores and use them in salts with tuna fish or in fish cakes.


Vitamin B9 present in Beet.They are very enertic contents they are increasing enery level in human body.they are helps to cells grow function as well as decrasing diabetes and

stroke. They are improveing your immune system and boost your brain power,they are helps to mentating the blood pressure.

Red grapes

Give juicy fruits have resveratrol,which helps keep plateletes in your blood from sticking toghether that may partly Being why red wine.

In mode ration- may have some hurt hell the advantages over other types of alcohol .But health experts do not recommended that anyone start drinking ,because alcohol does have some health risks.


Apple are a popular fruit ,containing,antioxidants,vitamins,dietary fiber,and a range of other nurients. Due to their varies nutrient contents and they may help to the prevent several health conditions.The may help.
reduce The rick of cancer,obesity,heart,disease,diabetes and several other conditions. They also providean an aeeay of antioxidants.


An orange may be a sort of citrus that folksoften eat.Orange are a very good source of vitamin C.Orange are round orange – coloured sthir that grow on are kahich can reach 10 metores (33ft) high .

orange trees have dark green shiny leaves and small white flowers with five petals.protects your cells from damage.helps your body make collagen,a protein that heals wounds and gives you smoother skin.

boots your immune system,your body’s defense against germs.


The papaya is a amazing fruit high in vitamins C & A healthy plant structure.papaya help for the reducing cancer disease.
papaya produce from vitamin C and lycopene particles they help for improve our health and decreasing heart disease.

Fruits are very important for human health.By the fruits humans gets different vitamins.They are improve our immune system.


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